Smoky Hill HOA

Welcome to Smoky Hill !

Smoky Hill is a residential community developed in the 1970s and is located in Arapahoe County in the City of Centennial.

The Smoky Hill Homeowner’s Association is made up of 1,369 homes.  Members of the Board of Directors are elected by vote of Owners present at the Annual Meeting (who are in good standing with the Association).  The HOA Board is responsible for maintaining the public areas, collecting membership dues, hiring personnel, covenant enforcement and making and amending community rules.  Should you desire to volunteer for any vacancy on the Board of Directors, please contact any present member of the Board.  The Annual Meeting is held in April of each year at the pool clubhouse, or a place to be announced.

The Board always welcomes your input and your initiative. All residents are welcomed to the Board meetings, held monthly at the Smoky Hill Pool Clubhouse at 7:00 pm, the second Tuesday of every month.

Board Members